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Data Science and Analytics Training 
and Engagement Services for Business

Data Science and Analytics Training and Engagement Services for Business

We strongly believe that any decision you make should be based on evidence not “guesstimation”,and to this end we want to help you leverage your data and unlock its hidden potential.

Our Service

Whatever your requirements we are confident that, with our broad range of expertise within the community of researchers working on data science issues at BU (consisting of over 50 academic members across all four faculties , we will be able to help.

Data Science Surgeries

Data Science Surgeries @DSI are bi-weekly drop-in consulting sessions, free for academic and professional staff as well as for PhD students at Bournemouth University. The sessions are also an opportunity for contact, information and advice, open to businesses of all sizes at very reasonable rates with the first session free of charge. For details please contact us at and see

Introductory Short Courses

Our introductory courses are designed for those wanting to find out what Data Science is about and not knowing where to start. They are also for those who would like to take the first step with a new tool or a set of data analytics methods. Whether you would like an introductory session to one of many favourite tools used by Data Scientists (e.g. R, Python, Matlab, SAS, WEKA, RapidMiner, KNIME etc.) or would like to have a comprehensive overview of techniques and approaches in a given application area or class of problems (e.g. customer segmentation, fraud detection, diagnostic analysis, recommendation systems etc.) we can deliver a suitable introductory course for you. If you would like to find out more please contact us at

Bespoke and Advanced Training Course

Our bespoke and advanced training courses are designed in close collaboration with you and tailored to your training requirements. By now you have realised that your company could benefit greatly from new insights gained using advanced Data Science and Analytics techniques but your staff need advanced training to realise the full potential that your data offers. Delivery of the bespoke courses is organised around the discipline of the client, using relevant case studies and input from domain experts from our Data Science community at BU and the client. We can deliver the courses at the time, location and format that fits around your business. If you would like to find out more please contact us at

Meet Your Data Team

Bournemouth University

Prof. Bogdan Gabrys 


Data and predictive analytics, Time series analysis and forecasting, Data mining, Data visualization, Intelligent information retrieval, Data-driven decision support and optimisation, Pattern recognition, classification and clustering, Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Dr Marcin Budka


Machine learning, data mining, social network analysis, data visualization.

Dr Katarzyna Musial-Gabrys 


intelligent analysis of large complex networked systems, dynamics and evolution of complex networked systems, network motifs, multi-relational social networks, predictive, adaptive modelling of networked systems.

Dr Paul Yoo 


Machine learning, data mining, text mining, large-scale data analytics.